SCANDAL The crown is torn from Mrs. Sri Lanka

SCANDAL The crown is torn from Mrs. Sri Lanka, because she was divorced! There is a whole SCANDAL in the contest Mrs. Sri Lanka after the winner was ripped off the crown because she is divorced! Yep, to win Lady Sri Lanka you must be married not divorced. QUE? I know, is it random news but very WTF? So… Love it!

This incident at the Mrs. Sri Lanka ceremony was broadcast by a television station, and the moment is seen when Pushpika de silva is named winner of the contest Mrs. Sri Lanka 2020but then Mrs. World, Caroline jurie He removes the crown from De Silva and gives it to the first runner-up, not before announcing that De Silva was divorced.

People has the report and it seemed unusual to me, because everything happened in front of the cameras and nobody did anything to stop it, also the humiliation that they put the winner through is unforgivable along with the attitude of Mrs. Mundo and the others … despicable. OMG!

Now, Pushpika De Silva, the winner of the Ms. Sri Lanka contest, states that on Sunday, during the humiliating incident, he sustained injuries to his skull when the crown was ripped from his head.

In the video of the coronation published by the Colombo Gazette, Mrs. World, Caroline Jurie – who was the winner the year before – cites a contest rule that prohibits divorced women from winning the title.

“There is a rule that you have to be married and not divorced, so I take the first step and say that the crown goes to the first runner-up” – Jurie tells the audience.

She then goes and takes the crown from the winner’s head, and puts it on the first runner-up, De Silva leaves the stage.

On Facebook, De Silva clarified that she is not divorced, and that if anyone has proof of that, she challenges them to show the divorce papers. (Apparently it is separated). She also said that she had taken the necessary actions for the injustice and humiliation to which she was subjected.

The national director of the Mrs. Sri Lanka World contest told the BBC that the crown will be returned to De Silva.

“We are disappointed. It was a disgrace how Caroline Jurie behaved on stage and the Mrs. World organization has already launched an investigation into it. “

In a statement posted on Facebook Tuesday, De Silva thanked contest officials for their support after the incident.

“I don’t hate anyone and I forgive those who did that to me at the time,” he wrote in Sinhala. “Nothing is gained with hatred.”

WTF? Incredible, UNBELIEVABLE! let no one interrupt Mrs. World and let the winner’s crown be ripped off like that. And that other lady dressed in brown who appears on stage screaming like crazy, and then how they hug and celebrate. A shame. They should take the title off Mrs. World as well, make her publicly apologize and ban her and the others forever. And the finalist who received the crown all proud. Really? And she goes and thanks everyone who supported her… LOL! Check out the video below.

SCANDAL The crown is torn from Mrs. Sri Lanka

SCANDAL The crown is torn from Mrs. Sri Lanka and accused of being divorced.

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