Scandal in Dubai; They arrested 11 Ukrainian models who posed without clothes in a skyscraper

A photoshoot in one of the most luxurious skyscrapers in Dubai ended in a global scandal that has at least a 11 models and a Russian photographer arrested.

According to British press reports, local authorities arrested participants in an adult photographic work for violate the strict decency laws that prevail in the country.

The models of Ukrainian origin who participated without clothes in the photos and the cameraman, could pass six months behind bars and be subject to a fine of more than $ 1,500.

All the scandal broke out on Saturday when witnesses photographed several models in suggestive positions and without clothes from a neighboring balcony.

The organizer of the photoshoot was also arrested and the models who participate in social networks were identified by some tattoos.

The United Arab Emirates They have strict laws on behavior in public even though it has become a cutting-edge and cosmopolitan tourist destination.

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