Scandal in Brazil: controversial goal cost Colombia victory [Video]

The Colombian players protested for at least five minutes.

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The controversy and the Copa América go hand in hand. At the close of the day this Wednesday, Brazil rallied and beat Colombia… After the most debatable goal of the year. A ball that hit the referee and ended in a Brazilian goal is the center of contention.

Colombia beat 1-0 in the absence of 12 minutes plus added time. Brazil attacked, but could not find a tie. Until he found it by chance and confusion.

Neymar tried to filter a ball inside, but the same bounced off the referee, who he threatened to stop the action. He did not, therefore the play continued its course … less for the Colombian players, who slowed down due to the distraction.

The play continued quickly on the left, the ball was crossed by Renan Lodi and headed unopposed by Roberto Firmino, who with the help of goalkeeper David Ospina achieved the equalizer.

Colombia immediately protested, and the VAR took action. Minutes passed but the decision did not change. Referee Nestor Pitana validated the score much to the anger of the Colombian team, who continued to discuss the measure for several more minutes.

Ground ball: the rule that condemned Colombia against Brazil

The protest comes because the game could have been stopped and then resumed with a ground ball: that is, the referee takes the ball and drops it on the field again, starting the play from scratch.

The rule indicates that the ball will not be in play when “the ball touches a member of the refereeing team, remains on the field of play and, furthermore: a team starts a promising attack, the ball goes directly into the goal or the team in possession of the ball changes ”.

The first two conditions are met: the ball touched the referee and remained on the field of play. What remains to interpretation it is if referee interference led to Brazil initiating a promising attack, considering that it is the only option available, since the ball did not change possession or enter the goal. That is the key to the matter.

For the rest, the deconcentration of the Colombian players is in part their responsibility, shared with the referee for the threat made.

So many minutes of actual play were lost – ball in play – that the added time was 10 minutes. And if you give Brazil such an opportunity to finish the job, you will probably pay for it.

Without making major merits, a lucid move and inattention in defense is enough for the “Canarinha” to liquidate you. It happened to minute 99. Neymar took a masterly corner kick, and Casemiro appeared to finish off in solitude, practically in the small area. Sure goal.

Colombia they closed their participation in the group stage with four points. He has his ticket secured to the quarterfinals. He will have to wait until Monday to know his rival, and until Sunday to know his final position in the group -second, third or fourth-.

Brazil He kept his pace undefeated and will finish his way through the group stage this Sunday, when he faces a needy Ecuador team.

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