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Slavko Vincic would be a client of an international pimp detained in Bosnia.

Slavko Vincic

            Taken from Instagram @gftofficial


Futbolred Writing

May 29, 2020, 12:48 p.m.

International referee Slavko Vincic was arrested this Friday, in an operation for alleged pimping and drug trafficking. Totally out of place was the Croatian …

According to the newspaper ’24Slata’ he would be using the services of some of the girls offered by Tijana Maksimovic, the woman whom the authorities accuse of prostitution and pimping.

The arrest occurred in a house in the town of Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and nine women and 26 men fell, including the referee. According to the source, cocaine and weapons were found.

Vincic, 40, led teams of Colombians during the current edition of the Champions League, specifically the Genk-Brujas duels, with Lucumí and Álvarez Balante, and Brujas-Galatasaray.



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