“Saying ‘open the schools’ is only for political marketing”

Pedro Cahn advised the President in handling the pandemic Source: Archive

The infectious disease doctor Pedro Cahn, Scientific Director of the Fundación Huiuda and presidential advisor on the coronavirus pandemic, ruled today on the opening of schools.

«Say‘ open the schools ’ they are expressions that serve only to make political marketing », he claimed. «I totally agree that it is necessary to resume the face-to-face activity in schools, but let’s see how we do it. It is irresponsible to say a date to calm the parents », said in the program A confesión de parte, by FM Milenium.

« I know that on social networks they criticize me, but when I go out for a walk people say ‘Let’s go Dr, let’s move forward’, and I am embarrassed because all I do is practice my profession. I did not support each and every decision that was made«He admitted.

He insisted that he does not want to have a political relationship with this administration. «I have a position regarding the facts of political life, but that never interfered with my decision. If this pandemic had happened with another president of another political sign and they had called me, I would have been the same, and I would have said the things I said, « he said. My participation in this management is not political« , argument.

«Things were not done wrong, surely with Monday’s newspaper they could have done better. The most important thing was to establish an early quarantine that gave the Ministry of Health time to put together the structure. A health system that had been severely deteriorated, that was not prepared to receive this wave that we had, « he said. In addition, he emphasized that « the provision of beds in intensive care, respirators, was increased by 45%, and that we did not have to live in situations in Argentina where a person did not have a bed with oxygen if they needed it. »

« What could have been done better? » Asked Romina Manguel, host of the program. «The closure of the airport should have been done more executive, with more controls on the entry of outsiders. But it was all trial and error because there was no previous book to consult, « he admitted.

«We have all had a terrible year with this pandemic, no one is happy. I am not satisfied with the results, although we were able to avoid additional mortality to the very high mortality we already have », he claimed. “Regarding individual responsibility, it is true that there are people who do not fulfill it, but the majority have fulfilled it. Some communicators try to show that this is a disaster, that our country is useless, that I do not share, « he said.

« I have a feeling of gratitude to this country, I understand that someone says‘ shitty government ’but I would not accept that they say‘ shitty country ’. You may like the government or not, but not the country, « he said. «We are with these numbers of infections because we still we have excess circulation, the virus does not circulate alone, it circulates with us. This peak of infections that we had (which is now stabilizing) has to do with the meetings in December, holidays, goodbyes with friends, inside a house. These meetings have generated an unusual number of cases, « he admitted.

Regarding schools, Cahn argued that face-to-face activity in schools must be resumed. He argued that boys are not transmitters of the virus. « Boys are contagious and contagious », he claimed. «You have to see how things are done so that the children can return to the face-to-face activity. The school does not have to be a source of contagion, but it depends on how it is managed, « he admitted.

«You open the schools, which seems perfect to me, but How do people travel? If we are going to deal with bubbles, what do we do with the teachers who have 3 schools? There are many things to solve, « he said.

Furthermore, he noted that « You have to vaccinate teachers and ensure that this happens. » « For the opening of classes there is a responsibility of the health authorities, in CABA Quirós, in PBA, Gollán and in each province each Minister of Health, rather than the Minister of Education » he said.

“There are provinces that are going to open in person, another 50 and 50, or in shifts, everything will depend on the epidemiological situation they have. We are not the only country that did not have classes for a yearThat is one of the statements that do not correspond, « he said.

«If all the commitments that have already been signed are fulfilled, Argentina would have to have 51 million doses of vaccines, which means a little more than 25 million people vaccinated. It is not such a negative outlook. I am in awe of the vaccination program that Israel did, « he admitted.

« The Sputnik V vaccine It could be applied perfectly with one dose, what Vizzotti said was not a delusion, but in this country everything you say can be used against you. My daughter Florencia, who is a doctor, has already been vaccinated, and I am waiting for the vaccines to arrive to apply them. I would apply Sputnik, AstraZeneca, Moderna, whatever is available because they all have ANMAT approval, « he said.

«There is no obscurantism about the Sputnik vaccine process, all Phase 2 technical reports are published. Another error when it is said that Sputnik has not completed PHASE 3, because no vaccine in the world has completed it, because PHASE 3 is completed after at least one year of observation, « he said.

“If people have money and time to stay 28 days in the US to get vaccinated, get them vaccinated. It is one less vaccine that we have to spend here in Argentina. Everyone is free to do it«, He concluded.

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