Say goodbye to seasickness: the first electric boat to “fly” above water | Motor

Candela C-7 is an electric outboard that exceeds several milestones. Among them a higher speed, three times more autonomy, and a new hydrofoil system to float above the water.

Electric cars have reached the power and performance of the fuel version, but in navigation it is much more complicated. Boat engines consume 15 times more than car engines, and the energy density of batteries is lower than that of gasoline. That is the reason why electric boats have little autonomy and little speed … until now.

The Swedish company Candela has solved the problem by revolutionizing outboard navigation, by means of a system of hydrofoils. Literally, the ship “flies” half a meter above the water, offering less resistance and, therefore, allowing the electric motor to reach more speed and more autonomy.

A side effect of using hydrofoils is that since the boat is not hit by the waves, it sails completely straight, eliminating dizziness. You can see it in action in this video:

The hydrofoils They are small, but powerful propellers located on blades, which raise the boat above the water. We have seen them on surfboards and even on the bicycle that sails, but little by little they begin to be implanted in boats and sailboats.

Thanks to this system the outboard electric boat Candela C-7 it can navigate at a speed of 30 knots (56 km / h), and reaches a range of 50 nautical miles, about 92 km, with a battery of only 40 kWh.

It is true that other electric boats have more autonomy, but using batteries of more than 300 kWh. At the same electrical load, Candela achieves triple the range.

Electric scooter with a maximum speed of 25 km / h and autonomy of 25 kilometers. It has a 350 W motor and is capable of carrying a maximum weight of 125 kilos.

Another important advantage is that, being an electric boat, makes no noise. So it does not bother the marine fauna or people. And how neither does it pollute, It is ideal for use in ports or in flooded cities with pollution problems, such as Venice, where there are already some units in operation.

Candela C-7 it is a look at the future of navigation: good performance, without dizziness, without pollution, and without noise. A future that we would like to see come as soon as possible.

Of course, unfortunately, as you may have guessed, these electric boats that fly above the water, they are not cheap. Its price is around 220,000 euros.

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