Say goodbye to eye wrinkles with this popular and inexpensive product

Say goodbye to eye wrinkles with this popular and inexpensive product
January 22, 2021 · 16:14 hs

The eye contour is delicate, that is why the vaseline appears in the aesthetic panorama, due to its moisturizing potential on the dermis and its hydrophobic action similar to oil that does not allow it to dissolve in water and allows it to be absorbed slowly.

In addition to a lot of home remedies that can be used with this petroleum derivative, this product is an alternative to expensive eye creams due to its creamy, « greasy » and dense texture, as long as the pure presentation.

In its most refined presentation, the vaseline It has certain emollient properties, that is, with enough capacity to calm the desquamation of dry skin and soften it. In addition to being rich in vitamin A and E, it will make you rejuvenate by preventing the skin from losing water and stimulating the production of collagen protein.

It is recommended to apply it at night, before sleeping and after having removed all the excessive makeup, since it is a guarantee that the product can stay on the skin and is absorbed all night when sleeping on the back.

Avoid the appearance of premature wrinkles from an early age to reduce the possibility of such marked expression signs or bags under the eyes after 40 years of age. Apply a small amount by rubbing gently with your fingers and massaging this area of ​​the face that is more delicate than others.