The economic crisis that Argentina is going through causes thousands of people to sharpen their wits in order to “make their money count” and, in that way, make a better end of the month.

In that context, There is an app that allows you to instantly find out the lowest price of a product and even indicates in which local it is located.. That is to say, it favors savings in each purchase that one makes.

It’s about the app @comprandoAr, named by its creators as the first social network of products and prices in Argentina, created by users and without the intervention of any type of intermediaries.

Buying is available for devices that have the Android operating system, and can download for free from the store Google play.

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The app helps users to choose the best price of each product in supermarkets.

The tool display the price of the same product in nearby stores for what the user can choose where to buy each one for the lowest value.

In addition, the application confirms if that same product is included in the list of the Care Prices program (@PricesCare) promoted by the administration of President Alberto Fernández.

“Buying is much more than a catalog of Clear Prices, it allows you to see and share information on products and prices at any point of sale and compare them in real time, with information not only on clear prices, but also that shared by the entire community in any type of commerce and point of the country ”, details the application.

The application also offers users the possibility to share the price of any product. in a certain place.

How is it used?

When the user is inside the supermarket, you must open the application and scan the barcode that has the chosen product.

Automatically the application will provide the detail of all the information stored up to that moment such as price, day that value was recorded, and exact location.

The app gives the user a chance to instantly report the price of the product at that location and share it In the net.

Thus, the application can provide the price of all the shared prices in each of the premises.

Further, thanks to the geolocation of the smartphone you can share the location and price of the product with friends through other social networks, such as Facebook.

In case the price of the product has not been shared by another user in a local, the application will simply show the last price you have registered (with the detail of brand and weight) and will explain that “there are still no close prices for this product.”

After checking the value of a product, by clicking on the pesos ($) sign located at the bottom right of the screen, the Buying app will ask the user if they are in any of the closest shops.

Next, it will display a list of premises based on the location of the device so that the user can detail where he found that price.

In case the business does not exist in the list, the user also you can edit it and include it with your exact address.

Find the product

The app also offers the chance to find the best price. The user You should touch the magnifying glass located on the main page of the application. Then you must describe the product you want by its name or barcode.

The user can also filter the search by the following categories: “All the products”; “Products with My Prices”; “Products with Careful Prices”; “Products with Prices Buying”; and “Products with Clear Prices”.