Save your laptop battery: five tips

The use of laptops has increased, due to its very ease to be able to move them anywhere. These devices have several novelties and practical tools so that users can carry out their activities, and with technological advances they are even more efficient and their battery lasts longer.

However, some computers quickly drain their battery due to various factors, and this is a problem when using it because there is no plug on hand. For this reason, here we will tell you some tips so that the power of your device lasts longer.

You can customize some settings to save energy. photo: Pixabay

1. Lower the screen brightness

One of the main elements that consumes more energy is the light of the screen, therefore reducing the brightness will save energy on your battery and increase its duration. All you have to do is press the Fn key + arrow keys.

2. Set the power

In the case of Windows 10 it already contains a power setting where you can limit battery consumption. You can also have your computer in maximum performance mode when it is connected to the power.

Therefore, when you are automatically using your battery you can configure it in low consumption mode, in this way you will increase its duration.

You just have to enter the energy settings directly in the start menu on your search engine type « Energy » or also from the control panel.

By customizing the power settings, you can limit the state of the processor so that it does not work at 100%, you will have lower performance but longer battery life.

3. Turn off Wi-Fi

This is one of the elements that consumes the most energy, also if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, the battery will be used more because it will be looking for one to link.

For this reason, if you are not connected to a network, it is best to deactivate your computer’s Wi-Fi, in this way you will save energy.

4. Consider turning off or unplugging peripherals

USB inputs consume energy, it is not much but it is another option so that your battery does not drain quickly. In case you have a peripheral connected to your computer and you are not using them, it is advisable to turn them off or better disconnect them.

5. Do not have CD or DVD in your drive

Another thing that consumes a large amount of energy from your battery is CD / DVD players, because when you insert one of these items your computer will be doing frequent scans.

For this reason, in order for your battery to last longer, it is better not to have a CD or DVD inserted in your device.

If you implement these tips you will see that it will be possible to save on the energy of your battery and in this way you can use it for a longer time.

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