An optimal solution to make your payments online without commissions and with multiple advantages.

Nintendo timeIt is an easy way to recover part of what you buy in the eShop before June. How? With theRebellion Pay prepaid card, which has presented a new promotion for users of theNintendo eShopValid until May 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. For the purchase of 20 euros or more in the Nintendo digital store, you will be given acashback of 5 euroson your Rebellion card. It’s that simple? Yes, make your purchase in one of the digital stores andyou will receive your 5 euros backin your purse in a few days.

Flash Transfers, without commissions and without dizziness: welcome to the neo bank of young peopleSo easy it doesn’t matter what you buy! Whether it’s Nintendo Switch games orNintendo 3DS, be it promotions other than My Nintendo Store for clothing or subscriptions to services such asNintendo Switch Online. Anything goes! You don’t even need to spend those 20 euros on a single product or a single block: you can spend it as you like on different independent games, on a single exclusive Switch video game or on different promotions,never mind.

And why should you pay with the Rebellion card in the Nintendo eShop? First, for receiving the cashback at the beginning of next June, of course, and second for being aoptimal payment option for online servicesthat will help you avoid using your conventional checking account on the Internet. The service focuses on the young public, avoiding dizziness and problems, you know, without commissions or: you sign up, complete the form and you can start using your account andenjoy its benefits.

One of them, for example, areFlash Transfers, that will allow you to pay the pizzas to pachas by transfer between the users of Rebellion Pay. In a moment! A virtual card and an online account without commissions compatible withGoogle play,Apple payand other services that will allow you to move around the Internet safely without having to worry about the security of your account.

Would you rather have onephysical card? It is no problem! You can request it in the Rebellion Pay application and access your prepaid cardMastercardto operate in your favorite stores and manage all your expenses comfortably from your mobile. Ready to make the move toNeo Bank of the new generation? Download the Rebellion Pay app, and start enjoying all its benefits.

More information on the official website of Rebellion Pay.

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