‘Save me’ reveals the real reason why Carmen Borrego will not be the defender of the audience

During the afternoon of Wednesday, February 17, the director of ‘Save me’ David Valldeperas, dropped a bomb: Carmen Borrego had accepted a proposal to return to the program as an advocate for the audience, inheriting the section made by María Teresa Campos. According to the program, the negotiations would have lasted 15 days and endless clauses had been discussed, until getting the OK.

David Valldeperas recounting what happened in ‘Save me’

A day later, own Carmen Borrego denied the words of Valldeperas, warning the program that « games have a limit ». Therefore, Campos’ little daughter would not return to ‘Save me’. But, for David, the story could not stop there: « Carmen Borrego is not telling all the details ». Apparently the proposal yes it had been accepted with the last call from the representative to the producer of ‘Sálvame’, so within hours the program contacted her again to find out the date of her first intervention. « Our intention was to announce it this afternoon, » said the director.

And that’s when the surprise came: Carmen Borrego had accepted the proposal of ‘Save me’ without first consulting with ‘Viva la vida’. « You’re telling me that after almost 20 days of negotiations, haven’t you said anything to your program? » David exploded angrily, joined by some collaborators such as Kiko Hernández, Kiko Matamoros, and even Jorge Javier Vázquez, who already imagined Borrego « ask for leave to not work this weekend ». According to Valldeperas, the program gave him an ultimatum to close the date, and Carmen rejected it stating that « If they waited for the weekend, fine; and if not, too ».

The « seismic bomb »: Carmen Borrego was plan B

The program team was really angry at how the entire deal management had been carried out. Nevertheless, David Valldeperas affirmed that Carmen Borrego was plan B. The direction of the program had in mind to offer his sister, Terelu Campos, the position inherited from his mother. Finally they opted for Carmen because of the « certain animosity that Terelu has about returning to the program. » Jorge Javier himself sent Campos the news that the program would make him a firm proposal, as well as announced that even if Carmen reached an agreement with ‘Viva la Vida’, they would not hire her.