‘Save me’ reveals that Antonio David recorded the director of the program in meetings and private conversations

Sálvame dedicated a large part of this Monday’s program to analyzing the last chapters aired of the documentary series that Rocío Carrasco has made.

Among his guests were Kiko Jimenez, a former member of the clan after having been the girlfriend for years of Gloria Camila, adoptive daughter of Rocío Jurado and Ortega Cano.

He himself assured that Antonio David Flores has in his power a “very delicate” material -a video- that “frightened” Rocío Jurado and Ortega Cano. “It is very sensitive material that I cannot reveal,” said Sofía Suescun’s partner.

After talking for several minutes about it, the program took a turn after revealing that these are not the only compromised recordings that Rociíto’s ex would have in his possession.

“They told him, as is: ‘he has you recorded’

According to the address of Save me, they know for good that the former collaborator recorded them. David Valldeperas claimed that someone alerted one of the directors after a discussion with Antonio David: “They told him, as is: ‘he has you recorded’, they told them.

Apparently, and according to the heart space of Telecinco, The former Civil Guard has recordings of conversations and private meetings.

But He is not the only one who has carried out this dubious practice, since there would be up to two more collaborators who have done it. At the moment, only Antonio Montero took a step forward, claiming that his mobile recorded all conversations by default.