Saúl ‘El Canelo’ Álvarez married Fernanda Gómez; that’s how the wedding was

A few days ago on the Univision program Despierta América, Saul was questioned about this link, but he remained firm in his usual discretion: “That is very personal; as you know, I have always liked to leave everything very talked about what my professional life is.

“And if it is true or not (that they would hold their civil wedding), they will see it and they will know, surely, you will find out soon, do not worry …”, added El Canelo, who, according to images and clips shared by his closest ones, he is already the husband of Fernanda.

The happy faces of the couple, as well as an animated cheer that a guest threw at them just as they stamped their signature on the marriage certificate, have been some moments that were captured. Also thanks to other takes we learned that the theme that enlivened his departure was Marry me from Silvestre Dangond Y Nicky jam.

As for the bridal gowns, hers was in line “A” with a discreet cauda, ​​in off-white, decorated with lace with floral motifs, a bardot neckline and a very wide layer of tulle. Her hair was tied up in a bubble ponytail, framed with a discreet tiara and very natural makeup.

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