The upward trend of ‘Saturday Deluxe’ has been reversed. After a few weeks marked by the vehement discussion between Belén Esteban and Jorge Javier Vázquez and by the revelation of Fani Carbajo’s supposed past as a prostitute, the Telecinco program has dropped to a 16.4% share in its July 4 broadcast. However, that decline does not jeopardize its leadership, since with 1,521 million viewers it is reaffirmed as the most followed content in prime time.

Jorge Javier Vázquez in ‘Saturday deluxe’

Despite this hegemonic mandate, Antena 3 manages to reduce the gap that separates it from its competition on Saturday night. After the poor data signed by « Clash of the Titans » (7.5%) a week ago, the thriller « No Identity » has reached 11.2% by convincing 1,222 million viewers. For its part, La 1 is in third position but also grows with its film offer, « The woman who walks ahead » (9.8%), which represents an improvement of +0.4 points compared to the previous Saturday. Finally, it is worth noting the great role played by the cinema of La 2, « The last viceroy of India » (6.9%), which manages to impose on screen share the film of Four, « Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead Man’s Chest « (6.4%), and ‘laSexta noche’ (6.8%).

In daily terms, the leadership also falls on the shoulders of Telecinco (13.7%), which sees how Antena 3 gets closer than usual by scoring 11.2%. Greater stability exhibits La 1, which returns to knead 9.2%, while laSexta falls slightly to 5.3%, Cuatro does not take advantage of the opportunity and also falls to 5%.

‘Antena 3 news weekend 1’ repeated on top

‘Antena 3 news weekend 1’ gets the best data of the day by reaffirming its dominance before 1,846 million viewers, which translate into an impressive 17.4% share with which it exceeds 16.3% of Telecinco and 11.4% of La 1. In the following strip, it is the Mediaset chain that takes the cake , since with its 15.6% on average it gathers 1,396 million people, ranking above Antena 3 (13.7%) and the public body (9.1%).