The night of June 20 has left one of the most controversial ‘Saturday Deluxe’ broadcasts in history. The return of ¡Belén Esteban to the program ended clouded by an unprecedented anger between her and Jorge Javier Vázquez that ended with his abandonment. This situation and the rest of the interviews 17.2% and 1,824,000 viewers reported to the programThat is, an improvement of +0.6 points in one week.

Belén Esteban in ‘Saturday deluxe’

On the other hand, ‘laSexta noche’ also experienced an improvement. The current format scores a great 8.1% and 796,000 viewers, growing +0.9 points. The rest of the chains bet on cinema, some with greater success than others. Four opted for « Transporter 2 », signing 8% (+1.6) and 1,209,000, while La 1 scored a discreet 10.8% with « The song of July », which grows +3.8 points compared to the tape from a week ago. However, the last position is for Antena 3, whose broadcast of « La chica del tren » clicks with a lousy 6.2% and 791,000, losing -3.3 points.

The leadership of the day is, without any doubt, for Telecinco. Mediaset’s main chain achieves 14.1%, while the rest remain below the double digit. The 1 obtains the second position with 9.9%, while Antena 3 is third with 9.4%. laSexta (6.3%) is +1.1 points higher than Cuatro (5.2%).

‘Informativos Telecinco 15:00’, the most viewed of the day

‘Informativos Telecinco 15:00’ leads the day, ranking as the most watched broadcast, bringing together 16.6% and 1,942,000 viewers. Thus it surpasses ‘Antena 3 news 1 weekend’, which registers 16.3% and 1,914,000. ‘Newscast weekend 1’ scores 12% and 1,404,000 viewers. At night, ‘Informativos Telecinco 21:00’ is also firmly imposed, attracting 15.2% and 1,484,000. ‘Antena 3 news 2 weekend’ marks 13% and 1,272,000 and ‘Newscast weekend 2’ does the same with 8.9% and 861,000.