Satisfaced! Young man takes virtual class from the beach in Cancun

The young woman from Colombia surprised her teacher by connecting to the virtual law class from Mexico

| 02/17/2021 | ionicons-v5-c09: 14 | – Patricia Agüero |

Colombia.- Virtual classes because of the pandemic They have left us various moments that went viral, some not so good, such as listening to teachers tired of the new way of teaching, and perhaps students who do not cooperate, other more funny stories, they left us students who fell asleep at the half of the class or who were seen lying on the bed. However, a young Colombian woman was surprised by the way she took classes, on the beach!

That’s right, it’s about Katherine, a young Colombian and student of Law, who saw the opportunity to enjoy the waves of the sea in Cancun, without neglecting her responsibilities as a student.

For this reason, with the sea in the background, and wearing sunglasses and a bikini, the young students presented herself very happy to her. virtual class of Law, thus surprising the teacher.

In the video that has already been viralized, the following conversation is heard:

« I hope to fall more and more in love with the Law, » says the young woman.

« Hey, where are you? » Asked the teacher.

« Professor, we are in Cancun … », Katherine replies.

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« In Cancun? No, well … », said the teacher.

« Professor I love sport fishing. So we came to fish, » the young woman explained to the teacher while it was evident that she was enjoying her trip.

« But we are in class, » concluded the teacher between laughs.

Fortunately, the teacher took with grace the situation of his student, who despite being in a heavenly place, did not forget his responsibilities as a student.

« Professor, God bless you always, and I am here very aware, » concluded the young woman.