Sasha Banks defeats Asuka and officially becomes the new WWE RAW champion.

During the last program of WWE RAW we could see how Sasha Banks and Asuka were facing each other in a bout for the women’s championship WWE RAW. The combat had as conditions that the winner, despite obtaining the victory via DQ or Count Out, would become the new champion according to the orders of Stephanie McMahon.

How was the fight?

Before starting the fight, Sasha Banks comments that there is no greater bully than Stephanie McMahon because it has forced him to defend his female title from WWE RAW without reason. Banks and Bayley They promise that tonight they will come out with all the gold from the women’s division.

The bell rings and combat begins. Both fighters start the match with a struggle and Asuka takes advantage with dropkicks to send Banks against the corner. Then Asuka kicks off Sasha and then finishes her off with a Shining Wizard. Asuka tries the count but reaches 2. Asuka decides to apply an Armbar to Banks but she escapes. Asuka misses an avalanche against Banks who was on the corner and then defends herself by attacking Asuka’s leg. Sasha tips her opponent a Back Stabber and tries the count but reaches 2. After the pinfall attempt, Sasha decides to try a Single Leg Crab against Asuka but fails to make her give up. Banks gets out of the ring and takes both championships. Sasha tries to trick the referee with a little Eddie Guerrero strategy but the referee notices and does not disqualify Asuka. Asuka tips her a headkick and takes her out of the ring. We are going to commercials.

We return from commercials and we see the fight very balanced for both fighters. Sasha Banks tries the count but reaches 2. Kick for Asuka, Banks is pushed with the help of the ropes and gives him a double knee. The count continues at 2 and Banks proceeds to try to make Asuka surrender. Sasha fails and tries to attack Asuka between the stringy. Asuka inverts Banks and catches her in an Armbar. Banks escapes and then launches from the third rope against Asuka, who catches her in the air with a double knee and knocks her out of the fight. Asuka attempts an Ankle Lock, Banks escapes and Asuka tips her a German Suplex. Asuka continues the punishment and applies a Hip Attack to Banks. The count reaches 2. Banks climbs onto the third rope and applies a Frog Splash to Asuka. After the count reaches two, Banks applies a Banks Statement to Asuka to try to make her surrender. Asuka inverts Sasha, but Sasha sends her out of the ring. Sasha attacks Asuka’s knee and stamps it against the commentators’ table. Asuka returns to the ring and tries to do a Roll-up but reaches two. Banks inverts the Roll-up and turns it into a Banks Statement. Asuka manages to regain control of the fight over Banks, but Bayley is shown on the screen attacking Kairi Sane in backstage.

Asuka goes backstage to rescue Kairi Sane and the referee reaches the count of 10. Sasha Banks is the new WWE RAW women’s champion.

RESULT: Sasha Banks defeats Asuka and proclaims herself the new WWE RAW women’s champion.

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