Sarita Sosa shares unpublished photos in tribute to José José | Instagram

Sarita Sosa reappeared in the networks after sharing a video in which he shows unpublished photographs of the singer Jose jose as a tribute the special date that today commemorates all parents.

The controversial youngest daughter of « Prince of Song« He had not made an appearance on social networks after he announced the tribute he intended to make to his father, the renowned artist.

Through a shared clip in your account Instagram, the singer’s daughter, the fruit of her marriage to Sara Salazar He related his childhood with the artist through emotional images next to his father.

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The young woman, who lives in the United States and who was the target of a strong controversy after the singer’s departure after it was pointed out by the press and older brothers to hide the body of the Mexican idol, he has paid tribute on this day to the interpreter of « Sparrowhawk or Pigeon »

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With a series of Photographs in black and white, the artist’s daughter shared her life next to the singer, it is worth mentioning that they are images never seen before, but with it, Sarita Sosa makes it clear to his followers and detractors that his father is still present in his life, even if he is no longer physically.

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However, this has not been sufficient for the young to amend the image that it left in the Mexican and Latino public since after the publication, some comments Negatives were immediate.

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In the reactions of some users you could read comments where the aspiring artist was branded as « living » and of « exploit the image « of his late father.

On the other hand, Sarita herself shared in past days that she intends to carry out a tribute to the artist where she will be the one to sing her songsHowever, the idea for many has not been very well received.

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In any case, the daughter of artist intends to do it this day June 21 around the 08:00 pm, which he also confirmed through an Instagram post.