Sarita explodes? José José would leave everything to Anel Noreña

Sarita explodes? José José would leave everything to Anel Noreña | Instagram

Everything seems to indicate that the last will of the singer José José, it was finally carried out and it was Anel Noreña who was the heir to all the artist’s assets, the news has raised several unknowns, particularly in regard to Sarita Sosa and his mother, the one who was the last family of the Mexican artist. Did they meet on the street?

As it became known in recent days, the final resolution directly benefits the one who was the second wife of the so-called “Prince of song“, the former model and actress, Anel Noreña, who has been declared “universal heir” in CDMX, of all the assets of the renowned artist.

It was last Monday when Anel Noreña, along with his children, José Joel and Marysol reappeared in the courts of Mexico City to read the will that José José left before his death. Upon his departure, the former family of the interpreter were happy with the result.

We are very happy, the will was read in a legal and juridical way, where Mrs. Ana Elena Noreña Grass remains as universal heir, he also revealed a singer to the media, which were waiting for them at the exit of the courts.

For her part, the one who was the second wife of the interpreter of “El Triste”, Anel Noreña was also satisfied and with a big smile: “Very happy, very grateful, and very happy, in desire and in comfort … José José from heaven put his family above everything and everyone, he added. “

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On the other hand, José Joel, reaffirmed that for now, the process of these procedures will continue and until now, the Mexican authorities do not recognize another will other than the one they read on April 5.

In the midst of various questions, the media tried to know the amount of the inheritance that the Sosa Noreñas are about to receive, however, the presenter of the Hoy program hesitated and said “pure debts”, but “it is already established” added José Joel.

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And Sarita Sosa?

One of the issues they addressed in the middle of the interview with the singer’s family was regarding his assets in the United States, it should be remembered that José José lived the last years of his life in Miami with his youngest daughter Sarita Sosa and his wife Sara Salazar.

After questioning Anel Noreña and his children about what would happen with respect to José Romulo’s properties, they refused to confirm or deny whether they will share part of the inheritance with the daughter of the music idol, as well as with Sara Salazar, the last and third wife of the “prince”.

Anel Noreña, mother of the first-born of the music star, José José, with whom she had a marriage of 15 years that ended after various conflicts, much of them captured through the Netflix series that portrays the life of one of the most famous voices in the show inside and outside of Mexico.

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José Joel launches into politics

Likewise, it transpired that the eldest son of José Rómulo Ortíz, José Joel, reported in recent days having accepted the invitation by the Social Encounter Party to run as a local deputy in Azcapotzalco and Miguel Hidalgo, mayor’s office located in the Clavería neighborhood of CDMX , where precisely José José lived all his childhood.

Through an announcement on social networks, José Joel said he was honored with this application:

Dear family, I share my candidacy for local deputy for the Mayor’s Office Azcapotzalco and Miguel Hidalgo. It will be an honor and pleasure to be able to serve you now in this area with which we want to achieve a real change in our city. Follow our adventure at @josejoeloficial on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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It can be read in the message with which @josejoel accompanies the publication in which he appears in an image next to the announcement of his candidacy.