Two months after presenting her « dying partridge », as she herself defines it, Saray Carrillo continues to speak. The most controversial contestant on ‘MasterChef 8’ has given an interview to the radio program Xtra Morning, in which he has reviewed his time at talent and explained why she disappeared from the final that proclaimed Ana Iglesias the winner.

Saray, contestant on ‘MasterChef 8’, charges against Jordi Cruz

The program summoned all the contestants to cover the finalists, but Saray was barely seen for a few seconds when he entered the set. According to Cordovan, everything has an explanation: « I saw that my image had been stained a lot and I told the producer to somehow retract it. They told me I was going to speak to the judges and we supposedly made amends, but that was not issued.« has dropped.

The bomb exploded when Jordi Cruz, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Pepe Rodríguez valued Ana Iglesias, who ultimately won. Saray assures that Jordi Cruz compared both contestants: « They threw me on the ground, » he points out. Then the insults came: « I told him ‘what do you want, clown, what do you want with me? «  » The pincer is gone, « acknowledged the Andalusian.

The thing did not go further because she herself decided to leave the set. « From the stands I started to say things to Jordi and I fired. I was not going to allow him to give me a kick in the last program too. You don’t have to throw me to the ground, dwarf, playmobile « , Saray has dedicated to the cook, who does not seem to forgive.

He has also reported being a victim of the veto of the producer Shine Iberia, which according to his version would have given express instructions to the rest of the participants. « I keep in touch with some colleagues, although Contestants have been prohibited from speaking to me from the show’s producerThey have been calling one by one so that they do not speak to me or tag me in photos. They have totally vetoed me « , he has settled.

« It was a television suicide »

Saray has explained why he really made the famous dish with the whole partridge and just three tomatoes on top. She was « fed up » with putting up with alleged preferences in the judges’ analyzes. After receiving « stick after stick », she exploded: « I went crazy (…) The day of the partridge I had a very strong discussion with Teresa, she gave me an anxiety attack that did not happen. I took off my apron and told me to take Masterchef as a sack, I left here, but they made me come in because I had a contract. « With the partridge, he says, » I was going away, it was like a television suicide.

Denies leak

The Cordovan has described the judges as « wax dolls » and criticizes the performance of the talent: « They are pinganillo evaluations, nothing is real, » he has poked. About the alleged leak of the winners with an Instagram capture, he has flatly denied that she was responsible. « I have not leaked that in a joke. They have behaved like dogs with me, but I am not so stupid to say who the winners are and on top of having to pay a fine of 100.00 euros« he has reflected.