Several months after her break up with Jonathan Matijas, Sarah Lopez would she eventually find love? The young woman answered the question on social networks.

Last February, Jonathan Matijas announced his breakup with Sarah Lopez. The two candidates had formed a couple during the fourth season of Apprentice Adventurers and then flew to Asia to participate in Angels 12. Only, the couple will not last after the shooting.

If since then, water has flowed under the bridges, the two ex had nevertheless sent a few spades on social networks.

Looking for love?

Generally quite discreet about her private life, Sarah Lopez has however just made some revelations that blogger Aqababe hastened to publish.

A few weeks ago, she was very close to Cédric Doumbé, a Franco-Cameroonian kickboxer who had participated in The Circle. The two young people had met on social networks during the lockdown and seemed to have found a lot in common. Enough to give rise to several rumors about the love status of the young woman. And it was during a question / answer session on Instagram that Vincent Queijo’s ex established the truth.

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If it is true that Sarah and the athlete had started exchanging messages on the networks, it seems that the latter has decided to unsubscribe the profile of the former Secret Story candidate, as she confirmed to Aqababe:

He apparently unfollowed me. A subscriber told me, I checked and it was so I did the same. Because I would have left it in sight.

Instagram Story Aqababe

Cédric Doumbé would not have appreciated if she did not respond to his messages, which had been notified as being “read” and never gave him any news.

You would have understood it, Sarah Lopez is always a heart to take