Sarah Jessica Parker serves customers at her shoe store

Sarah Jessica Parker, the star of “Sex and the City”, now has her own brand of shoes and personally serves customers.

Ever since she became Carrie Bradshaw for the series “Sex and the City,” Sarah Jessica Parker has been seen as a fashion icon.

The character who at that time was a find for television shared several things with the actress, but one of the most notable remains her weakness for shoes.

Through the broadcast, millions of viewers fell in love with brands like Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo, which today are authorities of women’s footwear.

However, Sarah Jessica Parker was not about to be left behind, so in 2014 she launched her first shoe collection in collaboration with Nordstorm: SJP Collection.

Complacent with his clients, he included some models that he does not usually see often, such as ballerinas or medium-height heels, but he left out platforms.

Each season he managed to create new models that were all the rage among fashionistas and stilettos.

What do you think of Sarah Jessica Parker’s new dress?

The department stores worked perfectly to reach thousands of homes in the United States, but this 2020 he decided to open his own store.

As if it were not quite a challenging year, she opened her first boutique in the midst of a pandemic, when the calendar marked the month of July.

Of course, New York City would be the one chosen to start this new adventure in which now, it is also possible to see it live and in full color if you go looking for shoes.

Since then there are those who have come to see her arranging boxes in the warehouse, selecting the shoes that appear in the shop windows and living with customers.

Sarah Jessica Parker has tried to take care of all the sanitary measures to give reliability to her clients, but nothing causes more confidence than seeing her there, giving you styling tips.

His SJP brand is also sold in another of the fashion capitals: Dubai, as well as in different states of the American Union such as Washington and Nevada.

Its collections abound in striking shoes, in bright colors, with glitter and high heels… all of them are a style statement at every step.