Sara Lozano: The appropriation of the neighborhood

Sara lozanoSara Lozano Source: Courtesy

The power went out at 7:40 am, the unthinkable happened, classes were suspended in virtual mode. For a few hours the gas saved us from the cold. Esteban Moctezuma left the Secretary of Education and I heard for the first time the new head, Delfina Gómez. He undoubtedly knows the environment, the subject and what he promises from his management sounds good. I think he will do a good job, he has to finish this school year of the pandemic well.

I went for a walk to feel the late frostI enjoy the cold air that hits my face and sneaks between my scarf and my mask; It is exciting to see the frost on the cars and on the leaves of the trees, the trucks travel with the ice stalactites on the bumpers and on the edge of the windows. You can guess where each one comes from by the density of the ice sheets on the fenders, chests, or the roof. Some shops are open, employees rub their hands to warm themselves to what a customer appears, while bakeries are bursting and of course!, we are at -4 °! This winter we didn’t have to go up to Chipinque to see it snow.

Every day and with more frequency, issues of Intentional or negligent corruption. And how good it is known, hopefully the sanction will also be reached. The person responsible will leave without accountability, without repairing the public damage and without sanction, there is no authority that wants to buy lawsuits for the future, they kick the boat. This has not changed, of all the revolutions that the pandemic imposed, impunity remains firm.

They have really improved the sidewalks in San Pedro and, obviously, they reveal problems that seem new, but they were always there. They leave the cables loose or thrown, civil protection cannot remove them because they are private property, only when they cross the street or put pedestrians at risk. I have been in contact with Sam Petrino, the chatbot that receives complaints with photos and locations included.

What a mess they leave! Is it that @TotalPlayMexico, @infinitum, @izzi_mx, @Telmex, @AxtelCorp and the others, a skein of cables from pole to pole. They may not know what they cause that problem and discomfort, because the easiest thing is to train their installers to pick up the dump after making your adjustments. Reciprocity with the neighborhood, if they use the utility poles that are public, they don’t leave a mess of loose cables.

The council can also do its part, perhaps it has not occurred to them because they have not walked through their neighborhood. There is a section in Vasconcelos de petit stools, you walk within 10 centimeters of cars / trucks going at high or low speed, it doesn’t matter, any rear view mirror could be discounted to a pedestrian and there would be no penalties.

Appropriating the public space is walking around the neighborhood, greeting the neighbors or knowing them by the footprints they leave on their porches, it is making the #ConsumeLocal effective. It is also complaining looking for a solution, not just a catharsis, as soon as they start with the cables and, if not, the sanction.

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