Sara Carbonero has once again fallen in love with her millions of followers with a post from her Instagram profile in which she appears really beautiful with her new look with short hair, with bangs caressing her forehead and with a certain resemblance to the actress Angelina Jolie, as many of her followers have highlighted. “Boa late #vamosaporlasemana #la calm #porto #slowlife”, he wrote to accompany the snapshot.

The presenter has discovered her new image one year after he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the ovary from which he had to undergo surgery. The news came in a fateful month for the family, because a few days before that same month of May, Iker Casillas suffered a myocardial infarction during a training that put his life in check. “When we had not yet recovered from a scare, life has surprised us again. This time it was my turn, that blissful six letter word that I still have a hard time writing. A few days ago in a review, the doctors saw a malignant ovarian tumor and I have already had an operation, “he revealed then.

After a long treatment to remove the trace of the terrible disease, Sara has reappeared on social networks leaving behind the long hair to which we were accustomed but with beauty and that positive character totally intact. And is that optimism has been one of the great supports of the couple to deal with two severe blows to their health from which fortunately they recover.

Friends and colleagues go out with Sara

Many well-known faces have been quick to comment on Carbonero’s image and applaud his bravery for trying to normalize a disease that affects millions of people around the planet. Isabel Jiménez, her friend and confidant through thick and thin, has stressed that “there is no more beautiful light than yours“, while Paula Echevarría, who recently visited her together with Miguel Torres, opted to comment on a” but how beautiful you are fucking “full of affection.

Other well-known faces have also wanted to praise the presenter with beautiful words, such as Blanca Suárez, Georgina Rodríguez, Cristina Pedroche, Nuria Roca, Vanesa Lorenzo, Edurne or Beatriz Luengo. All of them have highlighted a truism: that Sara Carbonero is beautiful and that her publication is a message of hope for many who, like her, fight the disease.