Santos Laguna: Guillermo Almada launches warning for the Vuelta vs Puebla

The Warriors of Santos Laguna gave a great blow in the Semifinal Series of Clausura 2021 of Liga MX against the Puebla Strip, beating the camoteros 3-0 and putting a foot and a half in the grand Final, although for the coach Guillermo Almada, ‘this is not defined’.

At a press conference, the Uruguayan coach began by congratulating his players for the great effort made, pointing out the good work of his team’s offensive apparatus, but accepting the defensive shortcomings that they presented in the match, a situation that will have to be corrected for the game in the Cuauhtémoc.

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“Congratulate the players for the effort. We played very well from the middle up. We made defensive mistakes that we need to correct, but undoubtedly we already know what we have to aim for in the next game,” Almada assured.

Regarding the Vuelta game in Puebla, Almada assured that they will not be speculative at all, but they will not go ‘unbridled’ to attack, leaving spaces in defense, but they will try to propose and score away goals, since he considers that this tie is not closed.

“We are not going to speculate or anything like that, nor are we going to undress behind. Try to propose and look for the right to try to score goals. This is not defined, we have 90 minutes left, “Santos’s coach commented.

Almada made it clear that in current football a result like the one achieved in TSM cannot be considered as defining in a round trip match, because thinking like that would be a very serious mistake for them.

“I have watched football for a long time and that would be a very serious mistake, to think that this is settled. We have to go to close the classification and the idea is to try to play better than the rival,” launched the Uruguayan.

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