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On May 30, the day corresponding to group C was held in the Movistar Online Super Series (#MovistarOSS) in which Furious, the group’s favorite, went undefeated, leaving the debuting squad of Santiago Wanderers with a defeat.

With the presence of Bastián “Elmo” Guzmán and Vendetta, added to Rey Alcalde in the comments, the signals from the Gameclub Twitch were switched on Saturday afternoon, to broadcast the third round of best-of-three competitions in Summoner’s Rift .

If last week we were surprised by the fall of Universidad Católica, this time, we found a series of squads that stood out for their track record on esports circuits, such as Furious Gaming and ArachneGG, as well as newly formed teams, but which have a strong institution behind them.

Such is the case of Santiago Wanderers -team endorsed by a Chilean soccer team-, also meddled in the Summoner’s Rift. For the wanderinos, #MOSS marked their debut and which also served as a tremendous “warm-up” for the debut of this squad in the Chilean LVP, where they hope to qualify for major leagues in the regional League of Legends tournament (LLA).

The way of the skull

Frozt Hounds(FzT) was the team to give the first fight against Furious Gaming, who gave a remarkable first fight. With a half hour in which they mastered objectives and managed a notable difference in kills over Furious, despite the fact that the skull was the team that dominated the gold thanks to an excellent farmeo and macrogame.

A teamfight in the 33rd minute was lapidary for Frozt Hounds (FzT), who in the face of the extermination, the robbery of the dragon and the baron’s buff, could do nothing except watch as the skulls reached the kitchen of their own homes in 35 minutes.

In contrast to a cautious first game the second game we saw a flaming Furious. A remarkable control of the lines in the first minutes gave him the advantage of golds and kills, gave him an advantage against Frozt Hounds of 8-2 in kills and over 5,000 golds in just 12 minutes.

Faced with the punishments of the mistakes made by FzT, a teamfight 15 minutes into the jungle of the pack ended up burying their presence in the Movistar Online Super Series, with a broken link after 17 minutes of play and a crushing 2-0. with series advance in favor of the skulls.

His next opponent was none other than Santiago Wanderers, who came from defeating RESET5.

Debut and farewell to Santiago Wanders

Announced a few days ago by the LVP Chile organization, Santiago Wanderers is a team made up of former League of Legends players. GianKios, Chaos and Baltica are some of the names that League of Legends fans can identify within the green ranks and with an age that, in some cases, exceeds 30 years.

An experience that was not enough to avoid the first blood. It was Chaos, the supp of Santiago wanderers, the first fallen in the Summoner’s Rift and who gave way to secure the first dragon. One of fire, for bad luck of the wanderinos.

This, did not daunt the greens in their debut. In the first 30 minutes, the score was 10 kills in favor of Santiago Wanderers, who had the opportunity on more than one occasion to close the game. Unfortunately, the team relaxed, neglecting positioning in the Rift. The skulls did not forgive this overgame, who broke the wanderino nexus at about 45 minutes.

If it is usual to see Furious “calm” in the first game, his second round in this series have come out with everything. It took 25 minutes to obliterate Santiago Wanderers, who will have to review the number of unforced errors made for their big LVP debut.

The spider’s path

ArachneGG had a path that Santiago Wanderers would surely have wanted. After defeating the H2Z team and later Kill The Nexus -who killed Magik Souls-, the arachnids will have to face Furious Gaming on June 13 at 5:00 p.m. (-3 GMT Chile), in a duel that will define the winner of the group C of the Movistar Online Super Series.

Do you want to review the best games? So remember to follow Movistar Gameclub on Twitch to stay on top of their streams and obviously you can recall the third date of the Movistar Online Super Series below.

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