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Since Catholic University to University of ChileThere have been many traditional professional soccer teams that have joined electronic sports beyond foot ball.

Although it is true there is a league that seeks the clubs of the National Football Association (ANFP) within titles like FIFA 20Few have taken the initiative to play beyond their limits.

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This is how during the afternoon-evening of this Monday, April 4, directly from the city of Valparaíso, the sports club Santiago Wanderers announced his arrival to the Esports phenomenon.

From the hand of League of Legends and its impact on the local scene, in addition to the trend followed by its peers, the team made a live statement of its next entry with a local team of players.

It is not yet clear if the organization will have preference for prior entry to any competition such as LVP National League, or you will prefer to set your path through the regular channels.

The team arranged for this to open specific social networks that will guide their steps on the scene, which you can follow below:

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Editorial: Esports / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord