New details about the supposed film that Santiago Segura would be preparing with the trio de las Campos as protagonists. Laura Fa revealed more information this Wednesday in ‘Save me’, although his words caused a stir among the family and he received a certain reprimand from María Teresa Campos.

According to Laura Fa, Carmen Borrego, Terelu and María Teresa Campos would play two prostitutes and their madam, respectively, in the director’s box office film. Or, as they prefer to say on Telecinco afternoons, a « Pretty Women » trio. However, the journalist assures that the project could have come to a standstill after the confinement because, in addition, the trio of the camps have been persecuted lately by a fame of « gafes ».

Carmen Borrego, María Teresa and Terelu Campos, prostitutes in Santiago Segura’s film

‘Save me’ contacted the matriarch de las Campos, who intervened by phone and confirmed, in effect, that the filmmaker proposed the idea to his daughter Carmen Borrego at the timeAlthough he had not communicated it to her directly because they have not spoken for years. In fact, María Teresa found out as a result of Laura Fa’s information.

Would you accept the role?

« I don’t know if I would do that or not, with the utmost respect that I have for Santiago Segura, » he acknowledged. Then, laughing, he admitted that such a unique role would make him « very excited ». « The only thing I can say is that the same as I have respect and admiration for Santiago Segura, I know that he has it for me, » he settled.

Before saying goodbye, Kiko Hernández asked the matriarch of the Campos about the qualification of « jinx » that Laura Fa had dedicated to them, to which the iconic presenter refused to answer: « I do not want to qualify her so that I do not get a word as ugly as the one she has said« What María Teresa did, taking advantage of the call, was to confirm that she will be in ‘White Ants’ soon.