Santiago del Estero: his daughter is an oncological patient and had to carry her 5 kilometers in his arms because he was forbidden to enter the province by car

They were prohibited from passing to Santiago del Estero and he carried his daughter in his arms – #Report

On Monday, November 16, Diego and Matilde, Abigail Jiménez’s parents went through a dramatic situation. It happened on the border between the province of Tucumán and Santiago del Estero, where the family is from. Very early that day, the Jiménezes traveled to Tucumán so that their 12-year-old daughter, a cancer patient since she was 7, could undergo her treatment. On the way back, hethey held you two hours at the border under the sun’s rays and among the flies.

The situation was recorded in a video that later went viral. In the sequence of almost three minutes, the father is seen with the girl in his arms (who cries non-stop) in front of a cashier at the border checkpoint. “I always bring it and it never makes a problem for me. Here, in Termas, are they going to make me a problem? I walk her away, ”says Diego. The uniformed man looks at him and, behind the mask, asks him to “calm down.” “You are going to make it worse, sir, please,” he says. “I’m going to take my daughter even if it’s walking”, The man replies.

According to the story that their parents told El Termeño, when they left Santiago de Estero, they let them pass without problem. When they wanted to return, he prevented them from entering his province.

“I asked him what we wanted to pass because it was already quite hot, on top of the bugs …. But the policeman said he was waiting for an order from Santiago so we could pass. It was very ugly what we lived with my daughter and how she is now. Every time he wakes up, all he says is: ‘The bad cop who won’t let me pass to go home.’ He was very scared with the issue of bugs and was afraid that his legs would get infected, ”Matilde told El Termeño.

Abigail, according to the story her parents made, has a tumor in the left leg that has been fighting for five yearss. In 2016, the baby was transplanted and, in 2019, she had a relapse. “From that moment on, he had to undergo chemotherapy until January 17, 2020. Then he continued with palliative treatment, because the chemo was very bad for him,” the mother said through tears.

The explanation received by the Jiménezs was that, to enter the province by car, they needed a prior authorization from the Emergency Committee (COE) of Santiago del Estero. Diego, the girl’s father, told the Ultima Hora newspaper that although he had the authorization of the mayor, they told him that he did not have an emergency permit. “They did not pity the pain my daughter was suffering”The man lamented.


. he contacted the provincial authorities of Santiago del Estero to find out his version of events, but did not receive a response.

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