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Santiago became champion of the ninth season of The great kitchen prize: his uncontrolled celebration

The consecration of Santiago in the ninth season of The Great Kitchen Prize (Video: El Trece)

The ninth season of The great prize of the kitchen had an ending that lived up to expectations. The gastronomic contest that is broadcast by The thirteen resolved this Monday the champion of champions. And the title remained for Santiago Albornoz del Azar, which was imposed on Julian Tiberius and he was awarded the prize of $ 400 thousand and a new trophy for his collection. The final was peppered with coronavirus cases that soared on the show, forcing the absence of Juan Marconi, so the driving was left alone for Carina Zampini.

Santiago, winner of the fifth season, and Julián, winner of the fourth, reached the decisive event after a demanding and disputed semifinal. Nerves and complexity dominated the program and only when Zampini spoke his name, Santiago was able to loosen his nerves and unleashed a mad rush at full scream, as the gold paper invaded the studio and the applause mingled with the screams and tears. Later, a little calmer, Santiago was able to share his emotion with his mother, present in the studio, and with his father and brother present but at a distance, via Zoom.

Before releasing the verdict, the jury Felicitas Pizarro He clarified that it had not been a unanimous decision. “We were debating a lot, it was the most difficult and tight final, said the cook, adding. “I love seeing them excited as if they were children, but they are two great cooks who break it”.

The return of the jury in the final (Video: “The great prize of the kitchen” – El Trece)

Still with a lot of emotion in the atmosphere, each member of the jury said his thing about the final. “I congratulate them, they gave everything they have a great present and a great future as cooks”, stated Christian petersen. Next, it was Pizarro’s turn, who celebrated the evolution of the participants: “We have tasted delicious things, we saw them grow a lot and they adapted to the changes. What I like to see the most is their predisposition to improve as cooks“.

For its part, Mauricio Asta He congratulated the participants and had words for each of them. “Juli, I love your cuisine, the complex flavors you cook and your attitude towards winning and losing.” “As is, it’s a game”; Julián intervened and the chef completed: “It is a great teaching for life”. In relation to the winner, he highlighted both his qualities in the kitchen and his personality: “You cook excellent, I love your passion, your desire to always give the best and your education and respect with the returns that sometimes are not good.”

The finalists Santiago Albornoz del Azar and Julián Tiberio. The finalists Santiago Albornoz del Azar and Julián Tiberio.

Santiago consecrated himself with four dishes with which he traced his roots and his desires. First, he prepared a scallop in avocado mousse, “because it represents the place where I want to go all year round, which is by the sea,” he explained. For the second step, he traveled with the memories to Brazil to prepare a goat cheese en masse. In the third, he was inspired by Argentine customs with a dry aged beef eye, with gremolata and pistachios and vegetables. For dessert, he appealed to his father’s Syrian Lebanese roots with a phyllo dough with ganache and fruit.

With the consecration of Santiago, tomorrow a new season of the cycle will begin, which will have some changes due to the cases of coronavirus. Zampini remains isolated and will be replaced by Andrea Politti in driving. While to fill the role of Pizarro, who tested positive for seven months pregnant, the summoned was her colleague, Jimena Monteverde, currently in the kitchen of the Mirtha Legrand program under the leadership of Juana Viale.


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