The Cádiz fans have protested in their own way against the decision of the Cadiz City Council to change the name of the Ramón de Carranza Stadium. The town council, where José María González Kichi has ruled for five years, created a commission in which all citizens could vote on the new name of the Cádiz fiefdom. Santiago Abascal Stadium and Francisco Franco Stadium, third and fourth name proposal with the most votes: more than 200 mentions.

A proposal in the form of a protest from the fans, who have shown their dissatisfaction after the initiative of the City Council to change the name to Carranza: «I refused to vote among the proposals that have come out. I don’t care about the name, I’m going to keep calling it Estadio Carranza. I do not feel identified with any of the names that have come out, « he confessed Juan Antonio Garcia, president of the Federation of Peñas del Cádiz in statements to the medium

The first two most voted options were Ramón de Carranza Stadium and Carranza Stadium, one more demonstration of the little desire that the fans have for the name of the stadium to be changed. In addition, the president of the supporters clubs does not believe that the system chosen by the City Council, which allowed all the people of Cadiz to vote, is the most appropriate: «The third proposal with the most votes has been the Santiago Abascal Stadium, which shows the seriousness of the process », Juan Antonio pointed out. In addition to those proposals, Others such as Michael Robinson Stadium or Jorge Mágico González Stadium also stand out..

The attempt to change the name of the Ramón de Carranza Stadium is explained through the Law of Historical Memory. The Cádiz City Council, in which Podemos governs thanks to the votes of the PSOE and Izquierda Unida, considers it unethical that Ramón de Carranza and Fernández de la Reguera, Mayor of the city of Cádiz between 1927 and 1931 who joined the rebellious side after the outbreak of the Civil War, named after the city’s club stadium. However, the fans are opposed to the change.