Santander scholarships 2021, what are they and how can you apply for them

If you need any kind of support to continue your studies, a good option may be those offered by Santander Scholarships. We tell you which ones are available and how you can request them, so take note and don’t leave your training aside.

The first thing you should know is that these scholarships are aimed at students of different academic levels, we tell you the requirements of each one and the deadline in which you can apply for them on the official page of Santander Scholarships.

These are the scholarships that Santander offers. Photo: Reforma 1. Santander Digital House Scholarships

The call is aimed at students who are pursuing their undergraduate, graduate or doctoral studies at a public or private Mexican university with an interest in developing programming skills.

The scholarship is 100% and one of the things they will learn is programming web pages from scratch and they will learn to master the Front-end and Back-end of a website. The deadline to apply is February 17.


Students who have completed more than 50% of the academic credits. Students about to graduate from their university career or who are in the process of graduation with a maximum of two years from the end of their studies. Enrollment is done on the website: 2. Santander Estudios-Líderes en Desarrollo Funed Scholarships

This program offers support for those interested in achieving admission to a master’s degree abroad at one of the top 200 universities in the world. The areas covered are: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and any other Economic-administrative area.

The deadline to request this support is March 14, the requirements that interested parties must meet are:

Be Mexican. Be enrolled in the last two semesters of the undergraduate degree or be a recent graduate (maximum 3 years of graduation)

The documents that are needed are:

Official identification (INE or passport). Proof of studies showing your name and the name of the institution where you studied your degree. (Kardex or academic record or university degree or credential). 3. Santander Postgraduate Studies-Carolina Foundation Scholarships

This program offers 10 Scholarships in 5 programs (2 scholarships per program) which include Food, Accommodation and Tuition to study any of the following Postgraduate Programs:

University Master’s Degree in Strategies and Technologies for Development: Cooperation in a Changing World- Polytechnic University of University Master’s Degree in Energy Engineering- Polytechnic University of Madrid University Master’s Degree in Renewable Energies and Energy Sustainability- University of Barcelona University Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering – University of Seville Master’s Degree in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency- University of Cádiz

The duration of the scholarship is 10-12 months, the deadline to apply for it is March 16, the requirements to apply are:

Be Mexican. Have a bachelor’s degree, engineering or equivalent. 4. Santander Languages ​​English-Slang Scholarships

It is aimed at university students who are carrying out their undergraduate studies at a public or private Mexican university and who have more than 50% of their credits. The purpose is to facilitate the study of the English language through an online program covering levels A1 to C1.

It lasts for 4 months and in addition students will have full access to the platform where they will find more than 90 general and professional English courses focused on the following strategic lines:

Professional English Conversational English CEFR Soft Skills

Documents to request it

Updated academic record, official and issued by the institution of origin (kardex), which certifies the fulfillment of 50% of credits and a minimum average of 8.5. Current student ID issued by the institution where you are studying. 5. Santander Tecnología- Disruptive Skills- Bedu Scholarships

This scholarship is aimed at young university graduates who have recently graduated or are carrying out their undergraduate, graduate or doctoral studies at a public or private Mexican university with an interest in developing technology skills in:

Data science: The objective of the program is for the student to obtain the ability to generate reports, create visualizations and solve problems on databases with the R and Python languages ​​making use of different libraries, tools and packages for data analysis such as Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, among others. Mobile Development with Android: Develop native applications from scratch through the Android system, using Java as a base, and later integrating Kotlin elements and tools. Cybersecurity: Apply the fundamental concepts of Cybersecurity, identify the tools to improve the security of both personal and organizational information, identify the main security threats and improve the protection of projects and assets. Assess security gaps in systems and networks, as well as security in the cloud.

The requirements to request it are:

Students who have completed more than 50% of the academic credits. Students about to graduate from their university career or recent graduates with a maximum of two years after graduation. Students with part-time availability (3 hours of session and 3 hours of self-study a week) to take their classes live through the zoom platform two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday), in a schedule of 19: 00 to 22:00 hours.

The documents that are needed are:

Student credential and kardex (academic record). Letter of explanation of reasons: up to 280 characters in which the interested party will state the reasons that drive him to participate in the program. Completion of the course « Introduction to digital skills »: Upon completion of their registration, the applicant will receive their access code to be certified in this course and be able to advance in the selection round.

The deadline to apply for this support is April 9, so you still have time to get all the necessary documents to be one of the candidates to receive it.

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