During the past weekend, an alleged act of discrimination against a doctor at a Santander branch came out on social networks.

As published by the Central newspaper, Banco Santander staff from the Las Animas and La Paz branches are accused of discriminating against and attacking the director of the Gaya laboratories, Bruno Gaya Cortés, who in an interview with the media claimed that employees of the institution The bank denied him the attention while they shouted at him « Get away, you’re contaminating us! »

According to the statements delivered to the media cited by the manager, he denounced that he would not have been treated because it was considered a source of infection for the staff and clients.

« They had me an hour and a half waiting outside, the door attendant told me ‘you cannot pass, you are a risk and you can contaminate everyone.’ I tried to explain the situation to him, since making use of this account is of utmost importance, so I insisted on solving the problem immediately. Subsequently, he let me access the bank and isolated me in the corner of the facilities, but they never wanted to attend me and nobody wanted to give me his name to file a report, « said the director of the laboratory, while indicating that this behavior was replicated at the La Paz branch.

For Santander, this accusation translated into a direct blow to his reputation. “I am very angry because the company boasts of showing its support for medical personnel, but when it comes to treating us, they do the opposite. This is our job and we have the vocation to exercise it, that’s why we study, and for executives to discriminate against us is outrageous, annoying and humiliating. They hang on from our work defending us, but the truth is that they don’t care. I have cancer, I have not stopped working in 117 days and our profession is also risky, but we do it because it is our work and commitment, « said Bruno Gaya.

The brand response

After the stir generated on social networks by the alleged fact, Santander issued a response denying the facts and ensuring that Gaya received attention in a timely manner.

In the statement sent by the banking institution, it is read, « the facts described about the alleged discrimination on the part of our collaborators are false », while indicating that Bruno Gaya Cortés was treated at the Las Ánimas branch, Puebla. However, he assured that there is no record of his presence at the La Paz branch.

« He did not have to wait an hour and a half outside the facilities, nor was he prevented from accessing it, and of course he was never asked to leave, nor was he told that he could contaminate others, as mentioned in the publications, » Santander highlighted, while affirming that these conclusions were reached after an « exhaustive internal investigation ».

The importance of the statement

Although so far there has been no reply to what Santander reported, the truth is that their response is necessary at a time when attacks and discrimination against medical personnel are constant.

These practices are strongly punished by the consumer, for which reason no brand would like to be involved in discriminatory acts such as Santander was related to.

The demand is clear and despite the fact that there have been dozens of cases of attacks on medical personnel, in general terms, the consumer demands respect and help for health sector workers who first fight the health crisis.

At this point, the analysis provided by Edelman deepens, indicating that among 89 percent the demand is in the supply of free or lower-priced products to health entities and personnel.