Santander and two more securities that have managed to pierce resistance this Friday

The selective Spanish attacks the annual maximums

Technical analysis

New show of force in the Santander that has managed to pierce the resistance of 3,339 euros, annual highs. The bank accumulates gains of 22% in recent weeks and it seems that it could continue its upward climb to the level of 3.59 euros, prices where the downward gap of the beginning of 2020 is found

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c140521 santander

New yearly highs in the BBVA that manages to overcome the resistance of 4,965 euros. Its technical aspect for the next few days is very good and we do not rule out ending up seeing an extension of profits to the level of 5.25 euros


Good sign in Rovi Laboratories that manages to overcome the resistance of 49 euros. The company faces the all-time highs that it presents at 50 euros. Attentive since exceeding this price level would make us think about an extension of the profits to the level of 55 euros.


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