Sexual Assailant: Enrique Palomino-Ayala, 32, is accused of having sexually abused a 4-year-old girl in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but could be released due to police oversight. Police officer Paul Ytuarte, a former Santa Fe Police Department officer, allegedly lost forensic samples linking the suspect to the girl’s sexual abuse. Alan Webber, mayor of Santa Fe, revealed the name of officer Ytuarte as the alleged person responsible for handling all the evidence against Palomino-Ayala and who may now be freed for that.

The Santa Fe Police Department lost forensic evidence linking a Hispanic to a girl’s sexual assault.

Alan Webber, mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico, said in a statement sent to Hispanic World that police officer Paul Ytuarte, a former detective with the city’s Police Department (SFPD), is allegedly responsible for having lost forensic deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) tests that link the Hispanic Enrique Palomino-Loya to the sexual abuse of a girl in a case that occurred in May 2018.

The alleged error by officer Ytuarte could cause Palomino-Loya to be released from prison since, although his trial is pending, the case may be dismissed by the judge since there is now no scientific way to prove that he is responsible for attacking the minor. .

Palomino-Loya would be released for lack of evidence, a legal technicality, since the authorities do not have the evidence to prove that he is guilty.

“The loss by detective Paul Ytuarte, already retired, of a set of evidence of rape against an innocent 4-year-old girl is totally unacceptable,” said Webber, adding that his heart “is with her and her mother, who did all well in reporting this case, and they not only deserve our support, they deserve justice and the SFPD will now do everything possible to help prosecutors have a successful trial. ”

According to the case documents, consulted by Hispanic WorldIn May 2018, SFPD agents received a call after a school nurse reported that a 4-year-old girl had been sexually assaulted.

By discretion, the name of the little girl, or her family, or the school where the events occurred in Santa Fe in northern New Mexico will not be revealed.

SFPD agents interviewed the mother of the minor, who confirmed the history of sexual abuse against her daughter and the little girl named Enrique Palomino-Loya, 32, as the alleged perpetrator.

When the officers received the direct complaint against Palomino-Loya, they searched for him and asked him to meet with them to interview him.

However, the officers did not reveal what they wanted to interview him for. One of the agents who participated in that investigation was Detective Paul Ytuarte.

Palomino-Loya told officers, in a phone conversation, that he agreed to meet them when he left work and called them at his home.

Enrique Palomino-Loya, 32, faces five charges of continued sexual abuse against a 4-year-old girl. (Photo: Courtesy of the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office)