Santa Barbara style, ideal in hot climates

Looking for an architectural and interior design style for hot climates? Interior design expert Samantha Waters explains that the Santa Barbara style is ideal for its decoration mainly in white and neutral colors, white stucco walls, red tile ceilings and floors, exposed beams, arcades and patios.

The history of Santa Bárbara style houses dates back to the early days of Spanish rule in Mexico, and to the explorer Sebastián Vizcaíno who gave the area the name “Santa Bárbara” in 1602.

After a major earthquake in 1925, city officials decided to rebuild in a way that reflected the area’s Spanish colonial past. Many of the city’s buildings were restored by architects James Osborne Craig and Mary McLaughlin Craig during the 1920s and 1930s.

Get a Santa Barbara style

Furniture and accessories are usually made of wood or iron, or woven with other rustic materials. Other features include ornate yet sturdy lanterns, large fireplaces, decorative rugs that run along long hallways, abundant balconies, and warm, inviting patios.

“If the property lacks an open plan, which is desirable for this style, of course you can knock down a wall, but Spanish and Mediterranean interiors are masters at creating spaces with colors, textures and furniture,” shares Waters.

Typically, for houses in this style, white is the predominant color. But which target is correct? Ideally, compare a few different shades of white and paint parts of the property as evidence. Observe how it looks at different times of the day or under various lighting conditions.

Color accents at Santa Barbara-style properties fall within the earthy, reddish-brown, and off-white ranges.

The main peculiarities

The Tuscan design style is derived more from Italian architecture, while the Santa Barbara style is more inspired by Spanish architecture. In practice, this often means that Tuscan-style homes feature more stone and brown textures than Santa Barbara-style homes, as well as more square shapes.

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