Sanitary measures are relaxed in the Historic Center


Lsanitary measures against COVID-19 infections in commercial establishments in the Historic Center are being relaxed, according to data from the Historic Center Authority (ACH).

In general, during the last week, compliance with all sanitary measures was 83%, against 98.6% that was reached in August 2020.

The most drastic fall has to do with the use of a mask or face shield among employees of shops in the Historic Center, because it is at one of the lowest levels of the entire pandemic, the ACH warned.

In the aforementioned period, only 32% of the people who work in verified commercial establishments used a mask or face shield, according to the authority’s report.

This low percentage contrasts with the 99% that was reached last August.

Other measures that have been relaxed are taking the temperature when entering commercial establishments, since last week 74% of compliance was registered against 92% in 2020.

Establishments in the Historic Center have reduced the use of sanitary filters; it is common to see visitors without masks. Photos: Eduardo Jiménez and David Solís

While the mask used 97% of people against 100% last year. Meanwhile, the distribution of sanitizing gel fell from 100% in August 2020 to 96% in the last week.

Furthermore, in this period only 79% of the 920 verified establishments placed the QR code in visible places.

Dunia Ludlow, head of the ACH, urged the owners and employees of commercial establishments in the Historic Center to continue using the mask and comply with all sanitary measures to prevent infections.

Here it is very important that you support us with the fulfillment of all the measures.

We have seen a significant drop in the use of masks, reminding them that the use of masks is an obligation for all those who work in an establishment to serve customers, along with the use of face masks, the temperature measurements when entering businesses, have the QR code in view and invite customers to register before entering all businesses. They are measures that were reiterated in the Gazette that was published this weekend and it is very important that they comply with them, “said Dunia Ludlow during the Table for the Reordering of the Historic Center.

Ludlow affirmed that the ACH and Invea will continue visiting establishments to verify compliance with the measures and will impose warnings and, where appropriate, sanctions on those who do not comply.

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