Sangean Pocket 140: a radio to take you anywhere

It is very easy to control and transport, and it is extremely light. It consists of 40 presets.

The Sangean Pocket 140 is a radio with dimensions not exceeding 51x17x92 mm that, in addition, only weighs 200 grams, it is possible to carry it in your pocket or bag. But it not only stands out for its portability but also for its high reception quality thanks, in part, to its dynamic bass boost.

No batteries

It has a battery as a power source, which is recharged using a micro USB cable. And to make the most of its autonomy, it has an automatic shutdown mode 90 minutes after it is turned on, which gives it greater energy efficiency.

It also has a headphone jack, clock and lock switch so that, when in use, no movement can alter the selected options.

Sangean Pocket 140 It has been designed to be enjoyed in the most accessible and intuitive way possible. It allows you to easily find your favorite stations and access up to 40 presets, in addition to having automatic search and buttons located both on the top and on the front. And to view the dial, the RF signal level indicator, the lock, and even the battery charge level, it has an LCD screen.

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