Sangean DCR-83: a radio that also helps you fall asleep

FM and DAB radio, Bluetooth speaker, relaxing sound generator and mobile charger.

Sangean has just introduced a new radio receiver: DCR-83. The radio has historically been a bedroom companion for many users, both to go to bed and to wake up. Now, this new and compact signature receiver goes one step further and becomes the ideal complement for those who need extra help to fall into the arms of Morpheus and do it in a deeper way.

Among its advanced features, it stands out for integrating 27 white noises, such as raindrops, sea waves and many more. All in all, users can avoid unwanted sounds and provide the best environment for sleeping, resting, meditating or relaxing.


It is a device of compact size and with a casual design that, in addition to many other functions, stands out for providing soothing sound features. And it is that the radio has been an indisputable companion in the bedroom, both to start the day in the best way and to relax at nightfall.

Sounds that help you fall asleep

Sangean takes this concept even further by equipping its new radio receiver with 27 predefined sounds of so-called white noises, including audio such as ocean waves or raindrops. Its main purpose is to help those who have some difficulty falling asleep by promoting a more pleasant environment that induces them to sleep more deeply, as well as to rest, relax and even meditate.

Multiple Bluetooth audio and radio stations

Sangean DCR-83 adds many other functions that make it a complete and versatile sound companion, since it is capable of memorizing up to 40 preset stations (20 DAB and 20 FM). Stations can be tuned in manually or searched automatically.

It also integrates Bluetooth technology with AVRCP profile, which allows you to wirelessly play and pause the audio files contained in any compatible device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Adaptive premium sound

Its compact size is not an impediment to guarantee a great sound performance, since it incorporates a high quality speaker, as well as a 2.1 multichannel system and a passive speaker for richer bass. Added to this is a class D amplifier and an audio equalization function that allows you to choose between various sound modes, depending on preferences or content: normal, classic, jazz, pop, rock and voice. Everything is completed with the possibility of adjusting both bass and treble sounds.

Everything at a glance

Apart from presenting a compact design measuring just 114 x 99 x 142 mm and weighing just 1 kg, Sangean DCR-83 also stands out for its striking backlit color LCD screen, which makes it easy to read the different functions and data.

On the other hand, it consists of a sleep timer that can be programmed to turn off the receiver after a certain time, and two alarm timers: by radio or with buzzing sound. In both cases, the repeat function can be activated until the user wishes.

More audio options

This differential receiver from Sangean is completed with different input and output connectors for communication with additional audio sources: a DC input, an auxiliary input, a headphone input and a USB A type 5 v / 1 a slot for charging the phone. mobile and software update.

Sangean DCR-83 is available in black or white and comes with a mains adapter.

149 euros

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