Sandra Oh does not plan to return to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: “I have turned the page”

The seventeenth season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has given a few surprises rescuing mythical characters of the series, even resurrecting some from the grave. With this precedent, fans thought that the return of Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) could come true. Illusions aside the actress herself has already been in charge of deciding that it will not be like that.

“It’s very rare, I would say, to be able to see the impact of a character in such a way,” said the actress on the Asian Enough podcast. “You kind of do your job like a bubble and let it go. I left the show, my God, almost seven years ago. In my mind, therefore, it was gone. But for a lot of people, it’s still very much alive. Although I understand it, and I love it, I have turned the page. “

Oh spent 10 years in Cristina’s skin, so it’s no wonder the actress wants to direct your career towards new projects. The role of the doctor has earned her several Emmy nominations (five in particular) and the respect of the critics. With all this behind her back, the actress is focused on new roles, and thus encouraged fans to continue seeing her outside the Gray Sloan Memorial:

“Please come with me to ‘Killing Eve’ or to ‘The Chair’, to new projects. Come see the characters that I am playing, who are much more deeply integrated into … the asian american experienceContrary to what has happened with other actors who came out of the ABC series, the actress has continued to reap successes that have led her to win a golden globe.

Cristina Yang vs. the coronavirus

The actress’s mind is on other things, such as the aforementioned ‘The Chair’, the upcoming Netflix series that deals with the academic department of English at a prestigious university. However, Oh has no problem getting wet and imagine what your character would be like in the middle of the health crisis. “Cristina, I imagine that just like all the health workers are, I’d be on the front line trying to solve the big problems. This pandemic has made wealth problems even more obvious and troublesome, so he would probably be tackling problems in the system, not just on a day-to-day basis. “

Season 17 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ can be followed in Spain through Star of Disney +, with a new episode every Friday.

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