Sandra Golpe apologizes for a political failure in ‘Antena 3 news’ and receives criticism on the networks

The arrest of Pablo Hasél has occupied a large part of the content both the informative services and the daily magazines dealing with current affairs. First, his confinement at the University of Lleida, then his arrest by the Mossos d’Esquadra and, finally, the protests against his imprisonment throughout the country. Analyzing all these facts, ‘Antena 3 noticias 1’ made a graphic error that did not go unnoticed on the networks.

Wrong graphic in ‘Antena 3 Noticias 1’

Sandra Golpe was in charge of presenting the newscast of the orange chain of Atresmedia issued on February 19, where the aforementioned confusion occurred. From his table, he gave way to Victoria Arnau to analyze how the protesters who were causing the disturbances in the streets were organized and, while the images were entering the screen, a sign specified that posters of « anarchist and far-left symbology« .

Although the news program continued normally, the presenter of the space had to apologize through her Twitter profile: « We read far-right but no, this time they are far-left groups those that the police point to as responsible for the riots of these days. We are humans. Thanks for understanding! « , Shared Golpe while Roberto Brasero hosted ‘Tu tiempo’.

« It is not a mistake, it is an obsession »

The comments that users of the social network of the blue bird made to this apology were not entirely flattering for the space: « It is not a mistake, it is an obsession« commented a tweeter. Also, while some advised that »should be rectified « in the newsletter itselfOthers complained that it is too « repetitive » a failure.