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Sandra Echeverría revealed the horrible story of terror that she lived in the hands of a fan who hacked all her social networks, to the point of turning to the FBI to ask for support for the harassment she suffered from him.

The actress confessed during an interview the bitter drink she suffered in the hands of an admirer of Spanish nationality who managed to access all her personal accounts.

She claims that she feared for her life, because for months the “person” had her personal information and was unaware of the intentions he had towards her or her family.

“You don’t know that story what it was. I think he was a Spanish fan, but he hacked everything, he hacked my Instagram accounts, he had a personal one, he had a public figure. First he stole my Instagram accounts and already taking over my Instagram accounts, he managed to get into my email, my computer, iPad, cell phone and everything, “said Echeverría.

Sandra Echeverría said that she lived worried for several months, because the person involved had all her information and she was afraid that he would go to her house to do something to her.

“It was one of the worst things I have ever experienced in my life, because I got an anxiety that I did not know what I wanted, I did not know if he wanted to steal me, if he wanted to try to cheat me. I went with the FBI, I went with the police in the United States, I went with the police in Mexico and no one could help me “

“Leo was going on a trip, I was left alone with Andrés and I swore he was going to knock on the door and go inside. I was very scared, I didn’t know what this guy wanted. It was really a nightmare and I contacted detectives, at the mere hour no one could help me “

Through Instagram stories, the singer also shared a screenshot that showed the video of a YouTube channel where it was implied that she has cancer.

And it is that for months the health of the actress has been the subject of comments and she herself has opened up about the difficulties she has faced.

Through the same social network, Echeverría revealed that the last months in his life have been of constant medical treatment to get rid of a bacteria that was detected in the small intestine.

The actress had severe stomach pains and it was only after several medical tests that the origin of the condition was discovered.

“I got a bacterium in the small intestine called sibo and it took us a long time to find what it had. We did the exams, they put me on diets, treatments, antibiotics, and they couldn’t find, finally they did a breath test, with which they were able to discover that I had this bacteria in my intestine, “he explained.

Information from: Multimedios.

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