Sandra Bullock’s 10 Most Famous Films

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Okay, we know that very well. Sandra Bullock has many more comedies and romantic tapes. Here are ten titles that we consider the most famous of the actress. You may not like ‘Miss Special Agent’ as much as the rest of the public. Maybe some other movie we liked more than the one that won the Oscar. Or maybe another title is missing with which we laugh more with the actress.

Today she is 57 years old, and – unfortunately – she is one of the few actresses who continues to add jobs as the years go by. No matter what the new scripts offer her: heroine in post-apocalyptic times, leader of a criminal gang, … Sandra remains fireproof, like many of her fellow actors. While we wait for his new projects, ‘Lost city of D’, where he works with Channig tatum, or ‘Bullet train’, next to Brad Pitt, let’s review some works of his succulent career.

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‘Practically magic’

IMDb rating: 6’3

Although at the time it did not get many good reviews, this film with romance and magic is currently seen with a film that condenses a lot of the spirit of the late nineties. Nicole Kidman and the actress were -although they hit first- as very well-connected sisters.

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‘Ocean’s 8’

IMDb rating: 6’3

Who better than Bullock to replace George Clooney? She was a worthy leader of this new gang of thieves. The cast was perfect, the plan wasn’t too bad. But the plot was not as engaging as the previous ones in the franchise. Nevertheless, history approved.

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‘Miss Special Agent’

IMDb rating: 6’3

It’s pretty unfair that this movie is so low on this list. Although she approves of the famous Internet portal, for many and many this comedy is one of the main hits of the protagonist. (Its sequel approves by the hair, has a 5.1)

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‘Bird Box (Blind)’

IMDb rating: 6’6

As an all-rounder actress, Bullock can be cast a story of survival in a dystopian future and come off very well. The public suffered and had a hard time with her throughout the entire film.

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‘While you were Sleeping’

IMDb rating: 6’7

25 years ago, the actress dazzled us with this romantic comedy with that affable style that makes a story closer. Bill Pullman and Peter Gallagher accompanied the star in this film that remains in the Ecuador of the ranking.

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‘Demolition Man’

IMDb rating: 6’7

Sandra was fortunate to be in this cult film (let’s not forget that it got a Razzie nomination): Time Travels, unapologetic 90s action, Stallone in his sauce … and the three shells, don’t forget.

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‘The lake House’

IMDb rating: 6’8

A love story – which was a remake – by correspondence. Bullock and Reeves were reunited years after their hectic adventure on a bus in a calm, leisurely love story with a certain point of originality.

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IMDb rating: 7’2

But Sandra and Keanu’s previous occasion together reaches the remarkable one. Both of them on that bus left us one of the most iconic films of the genre.

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‘The Blind Side (A Possible Dream)’

IMDb rating: 7’6

A film that had nothing special, but that became famous because its protagonist wins the Academy Award. Bullock took his statuette with his first Oscar nomination.

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IMDb rating: 7’7

But if there is one of his films that was recognized by critics, that was Alfonso Cuarón’s. The story of a duel within a space adventure. A production where emotional went hand in hand with the technical. One of the stories with the most human weight in recent years. No wonder its director took the statuette for Best Director. Bullock could have taken his second Oscar. Deserved he had it.

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