The sanctions that companies could receive are the suspension of work up to administrative and economic fines.

The companies that do not carry out an essential activity and resume operations on June 1 will be suspended or sanctioned, warned the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum.

The capital’s president pointed out that on May 31 the Gradual Plan Towards the New Normality in Mexico City will be published in the Official Gazette, which details the activities that may be reopened: the mining, construction, beer production and transportation equipment manufacturing.

Currently, the businesses that sell food, cleaning products, medicines and gasoline, as well as hospitals, logistics and other transport services, agricultural and livestock sector, digital commerce, are considered essential activities that are allowed to maintain operations.

“In the Official Gazette it is until May 31 and starting next week it will be published what the conditions are, the characteristics of the traffic light and there will be penalties for companies that open their activities and that are not allowed,” he said.

Claudia Sheinbaum mentioned that the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion together with the Institute of Administrative Verification will continue with the reviews to the establishments.

He warned that the sanctions that companies could receive are the swork allowance up to administrative and financial fines.

“Most of the companies were very responsible and closed, some did not, and there is a suspension of work and an administrative fine is made, and even, in the labor case there are also financial fines and there are also suspensions,” Sheinbaum said. Brown.

He mentioned that the reopening of establishments will be gradually in relation to the colors of the traffic light established in the Plan. (Ntx.)