Well, there will be no bombing, apparently, in the Premier League. At least not what was expected with the possible return of Jadon Sancho to his native England, specifically to Manchester United.

According to Sky Sports, the reds will not pay more than 60 million euros for the young attacker, that is, less than half of what Borussia Dortmund wants (140 million euros)

A senior United official assured the channel that this is their limit and that the explanation is that they will not be able to spend a full hand in the midst of the post-pandemic economic crisis.

Sancho, 20, hopes to return to England after leaving Manchester City in exchange for € 10m in 2017.

Does that mean the business went down? Probably yes because the differences are too great. So much so that, according to the local press, teams such as Liverpool continue to monitor the evolution of the business to make their offer.

The clear thing is that there will hardly be a proposal like the one expected by Dortmund, which without United will have to consider making less money for the wonder boy, considering that he only has two years left on his contract.

However, Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke is convinced that there will be NO discount on account of the crisis and hopes to keep it beyond this season.