Sánchez defends that he has fulfilled 33% of his commitments and aspires to recovery and a “new chapter in history”

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Time of self-examination. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has taken stock of the political course defending that he has already approved one out of every three legislative commitments, calling for a new recovery time and a new “chapter in history”, confirming the extension of the social shield until October 31 and demanding that the PP renew the blocked constitutional bodies.

At a press conference in La Moncloa, Sánchez has called for “unity” to continue advancing, as shown by the vaccination, and has asked all Spaniards not to lower their guard against this fifth wave. He has ruled out legal changes to the situation and has insisted on vaccination: “Spain is a gold medal.”

The president has been positive about the stage that is now opening in Spain, in a speech with the dyes to be printed for the second part of the legislature: recovery, economic improvement, increase in the level of employment, a different phase of the pandemic. It is the tone that he wants to print since he profoundly remodeled the Government in mid-July and with which he wants to turn around some polls that place the PP in first place for 2023.

In fact, he has criticized the attitude of the popular, whom he has asked to leave the “destructive opposition.” Some very clear requests to the Popular Party: comply with the Constitution and renew the pending bodies and not make “partisan struggle” with the Conference of Presidents of Salamanca this Friday.

He has also pronounced on the absence of Pere Aragonès in that Conference of Presidents: “It is a shame, I regret that the voice of Catalonia is not there.” The word that the president wants for this meeting is “dialogue”, defending that he has been the one who has brought this multilateral body together the most times in history.

The Prime Minister carried the accountability report under his arm, audited by twelve experts. According to the Chief Executive, the 1,463 commitments acquired during the inauguration, in the government agreement, with the parties in Parliament and made by the Ministries, have been verified. 94% have already been activated, said Sánchez, who affirmed that 32.8% have been fulfilled in this little more than a year and a half of the legislature. He expects that number to rise to 38.2% in December.

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Of the specific agreements of the coalition pact (428), 33.4% have been fulfilled, with a horizon of 41.6% for the end of the year.

The head of the Executive has given signs at all times of that new era that he seeks, appealing to that unity and calling on everyone to collaborate for that more just and prosperous Spain that he draws for the future, relying on the future forecasts of the Government and the IMF and in an expansive economic policy (highlighting as an example the record transfers to the autonomies of 112,000 million agreed during the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy).

But, in the face of this, it has drawn the “destructive opposition” it has on the other side, with a Popular Party blocking the Judiciary for 968 days. It is in Casado’s hands to reach an agreement, the chief executive has launched.

He has vindicated the “dialogue” that should be established in the Conference of Presidents, in the face of attacks by the PP on the regulation and complaints that each president will only speak for five minutes. For Sánchez, it is a vital appointment because it will talk about vaccination, recovery funds and the demographic challenge.

“We are all obliged to comply with the Constitution and even more those parties that declare themselves constitutional every day,” Sánchez said, recalling that the Judiciary, the Court of Accounts, the Ombudsman and the Constitutional Court must be renewed. .

For all this, Sánchez has identified the opposition with “paralysis” and “rancor”.

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