Sanborns and Vips compete on social networks because of a comedian

It is no secret to anyone that among brands one of the great goals is to be part of the conversations on social networks. This triumph tastes better when it occurs organically and now Sanborns and Vips have an interesting opportunity in this regard.

Both brands are located as a trend in the Mexican market, because right now they are waging a “peculiar battle” because of the comedian and his muffins.

From his official Twitter account, in which he has more than 380.9 thousand followers, the comedian Paco De Miguel, launched a question on the air.

Without raving about any of the brands, De Miguel asked his followers: “Molletes de Vips or Sanborns?”

In just under an hour, the question has generated all kinds of responses and reactions. The tweet right now has more than 304 responses, 123 retweets and more than 895 likes.

The defense of the consumer for his favorite brand has put the two brands involved in a trend, where in addition to the muffins, users have targeted other products and services of the firm.

Although this fact has led brands to climb positions in the field of the most discussed topics right now in social networks, the truth is that -until the closing of this note- neither of the two brands have responded to the praise of users , who defend what they consider the best muffins.

It is important to mention that, at least in the case of Sanborns, this is not the first that Sanborns occupies a place in the trends thanks to Paco De Miguel.

A few months ago, the comedian published a video on his social networks in which, imitating the characteristic uniform of the Sanborns staff, he pretends to serve a table in the renowned restaurant.

The video generated all kinds of comments, where hundreds of users recalled the characteristic customer service that is usually received in these establishments, as well as some of the most representative dishes of the firm.

Thanks to this, the label “Sanborns” was located within the first ten most popular topics on the social network with a total of 3,270 tweets related to it, according to data at the end of this note delivered by Twitter.

Capitalize on the opportunity

Now, the question posed by the comedian becomes an interesting advertisement for both Vips and Sanborns, a situation that puts on the table the value that user-generated content has for any commercial firm.

Ipsos MediaCT recently revealed in a study that consumers in particular, ages 18 to 36 trust UGC (User-generated content) 50 percent more than traditional media. The study also found that UGC has 20 percent more influence on purchasing decisions and 35 percent more recall than other types of media.

In fact, Audiense points out that when conducting an online search on one of the top 20 brands in the world, 25 percent of the results obtained are links to content generated by the audiences themselves, while on platforms such as YouTube the videos that They fall into the UGC content category and are viewed 10 times more than the official content of any commercial firm.