San Marino, the tiny state located in Italy, will decide whether to legalize abortion in a referendum

On September 26, San Marino will decide whether to legalize abortion up to the twelfth week of pregnancy.

The tiny state of 33,000 inhabitants, nestled in central Italy, is one of the few in Europe where the termination of pregnancy is illegal. Supporters and opponents make their case.

Rosa Zafferani, member of the San Marino Women’s Union:

“It is not true that abortion does not exist in San Marino. San Marino women are going to abort outside our country. They do it illegally because abortion is a crime here. All of this is shameful.”

Rocco gugliotta, resident of San Marino:

“Why should only the mother decide? A couple is made up of a mother and a father. Why does it always have to be only the mother who decides? Does the father have no decision-making power? term without an abortion. If the child is not really loved, there is the possibility of giving it up for adoption. “

If the law is passed after the twelfth week, abortion would only be allowed if the life of the mother was in danger or in case of fetal abnormalities that could harm the woman physically or psychologically. Attempts to legalize the aborot date back two decades. In San Marino women did not get the vote until 1964, and divorce was not introduced until 1986.

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