San Lorenzo ties with Colón in Santa Fe at the close of the second round of the League Cup

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The second date of the League Cup comes to an end. After Boca’s triumph against Newell’s on Sunday night, another three commitments of great interest. Hurricane Y Union of Santa Fe tied 1-1 And continue unable to win in the tournament. While, Atlético Tucumán fell 2-1 against Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero. They close in Santa Fe, Colon Y San Lorenzo, two teams that come from winning in the debut and seek to be at the top of Zone 1.

Colon vs San Lorenzo

Colón and San Lorenzo, winners on the first date, face off in Santa Fe in search of a victory that will allow them to return to the top of Zone 1 of the 2021 Professional League Cup. The match at the Brigadier Estanislao López stadium will be plays with arbitration by Patricio Loustau and live broadcast of Fox Sports Premium.

The tip of Zone 1 is temporarily occupied by Banfield and Estudiantes de La Plata, at the moment the only teams that won on the two initial dates of the 2021 season.

With the Paraguayan brothers Ángel and Óscar Romero seated again in the substitute bench, San Lorenzo assumes the first visitor commitment in the management of Diego Dabove, who currently registers two victories: one against Arsenal in the premiere of the LPF Cup and another against Liniers for the Argentine Cup.

In that last game, played in Mar del Plata, Óscar Romero was dispatched with a double but did not change the coach’s idea of ​​keeping both him and his brother out of the starting team that debuted in the first division competition. Dabove repeats the team that beat Sarandí’s team in Bajo Flores with a very promising first half hour of play.

Colón, under the command of Eduardo Domínguez, presents only one variant in relation to the team that thrashed Central Córdoba (3-0) in Santiago del Estero: Nicolás Leguizamón, who returned to the club after a stint in Defense and Justice, instead of Tomás Sandoval in attack.


Colon (Santa Fe): Leonardo Burián; Facundo Garcés, Pablo Goltz and Gonzalo Piovi; Eric Meza, Rodrigo Aliendro, Federico Lértora, Santiago Pierotti and Gonzalo Escobar; Luis Rodríguez and Nicolás Leguizamón. DT: Eduardo Domínguez.

San Lorenzo: Fernando Monetti; Gino Peruzzi, Federico Gattoni, Diego Braghieri and Bruno Pittón; Jalil Elías, Diego Rodríguez and Juan Ramírez; Lucas Melano, Nicolás Fernández and Franco Di Santo. DT: Diego Dabove.

Referee: Patricio Loustau.

Stadium: Colon of Santa Fe.

TV: Fox Sports Premium.

Hurricane vs Union of Santa Fe

Hurricane vs Union of Santa Fe

Huracán, which ended a five-game losing streak, tied with Unión de Santa Fe 1 to 1 at Tomás A. Ducó for the second round of the Professional League Cup. Union took the lead with Ezequiel Cañete’s free kick goal and Huracán equalized it through Andrés Chávez, from a penalty kick. The game was entertaining and intense, with Unión as the protagonist, owner of the possession, before a more relegated position from Huracán.

Cañete opened the free kick marker with some complicity of goalkeeper Cambeses in the reaction and setting up the barrier. A few minutes later, Huracán found himself with the chance of a tie when Walter Pérez’s shot hit Galván’s hand and the referee Mastrángelo charged a penalty. Chávez did not forgive and tied for the Globe.

Those were the best minutes of Huracán. With more attitude than football, he cornered a confused Union, but the trend was gradually diluted. Tatengue, with more football, was close to the second goal with Zenón and Vera shots at the end of the first half and Márquez ran into an unbeatable situation in front of the goal that he failed to intercept at the start of the second half. Cambeses partially covered Zenón, the figure of the court, after an error at the start and when the ball was destined for a goal, Walter Pérez appeared for the rejection.

Union felt the expense in the end and Huracán, who improved with the changes, had the victory available with the shot of Briasco that Moyano covered. Next Monday, Huracán will have Atlético Tucumán as a rival on the third date, but before that, on Thursday, he will face Estudiantes de San Luis for the 32nd. final of the Argentine Cup. Unión, who came to tie with the tucumanos, will be local to one of the leaders, Lanús.


Hurricane: Facundo Cambeses; Raúl Lozano, Renato Civelli, José Moya and Iván Erquiaga; Santiago Hezze, Agostino Spina and Walter Pérez; Norberto Briasco, Andrés Chávez and Nicolás Silva. DT: Israel Damonte.

Union: Sebastián Moyano; Federico Vera, Franco Calderón, Jonathan Galván and Juan Portillo; Ezequiel Cañete, Nelson Acevedo and Kevin Zenón; Mauro Luna Diale, Fernando Márquez and Gastón González. DT: Juan Manuel Azconzábal.

Referee: Hernán Mastrángelo.

Stadium: Hurricane.

TV: TNT Sports.

Atlético Tucumán vs Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero

Atlético Tucumán vs Central Córdoba SDE

Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero defeated Atlético Tucumán by 2 to 1, in the interzonal match of the second date of the Professional League Cup that was heading to a tie until Leonardo Sequeira tipped the balance on the end and allowed his team get the first win in the competition. The tucumanos, who started better, took advantage with the goal of Augusto Lotti, who defined a good collective offensive action in a half turn and seemed to have everything under control. However, in the last play before the break, the equality of Central Córdoba came through a header from the debutant Milton Giménez (ex-Atlanta), who appeared without a mark in the small area and did not forgive.

In the second half Gustavo Coleoni advanced a few meters to the lanes; He took over the midfield and his team began to bring danger to the goal defended by Cristian Lucchetti. The winning goal was scored by Sequis, who had entered a few minutes before to replace Giménez, who scored the first goal, after surpassing Santiago Vergini’s mark with a pipe and defining with remarkable coldness before the departure of the senior goalkeeper.

The victory was highly celebrated by the people of Santiago since it is the first they achieve in the tournament -they suffered a hard defeat against Colón- and it is also the first time they have managed to defeat Atlético Tucumán as a visitor, which although it has an advantage in the history The last victory of Atlético over the Santiago team was achieved on September 15, 1991, when they won 1-0 away from the then National B, and since then There were only wins for Central Córdoba and draws in the different official competitions in which they faced each other.

Central Córdoba adds three points in zone A and on the next date it will visit San Lorenzo, while the tucumanos, who make up zone B, stayed with one and on Monday, March 1, they will receive Huracán, for the third date.


Atlético Tucumán: Cristian Lucchetti; Marcelo Ortiz, Santiago Vergini, Guillermo Ortíz and Gabriel Risso Patrón; Guillermo Acosta, Ramiro Carrera, Cristian Erbes and Nicolás Aguirre; Augusto Lotti and Javier Toledo. DT: Omar De Felippe.

Central Córdoba of Santiago del Estero: Alejandro Sánchez; Juan Cruz González, Oscar Salomón, Federico Andueza, Dixon Renteria and Jonathan Bay; Francisco Cerro, Cristian Vega and Juan Galeano; Lucas Brochero and Milton Giménez. DT: Gustavo Coleoni.

Referee: Pablo Echavarría.

Stadium: Monumental “José Fierro” of Atlético Tucumán.

TV: Fox Sports Premium.

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With a goal from Izquierdoz, Boca achieved its first victory in the League Cup against Newell’s With a goal from Insaurralde, Independiente beat Patronato and added its first victory for the League Cup