San Diego Padres sign oldest major league player

The San Diego Padres signed a minor league contract to left-hander Joe Beimel, the player more old of the system MLB.

Beimel is a 44-year-old veteran who made his 2001 debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the MLBSince then he played until 2015 with the Minnesota Twins, Tampa Bay Rays, Angeles Dodgers, Washington Nationals, Colorado Rockies and Seattle Mariners.

Now the San Diego Padres They saw him throwing 90 miles with effective breakers so they decided to give him an opportunity to show what he brings in the Minor Leagues and depending on the results, he will be called to the big team MLB.

Joe Beimel was a long-term reliever during his career, the last time he pitched was 38 years old with the Seattle Mariners.

If Beimel makes it to the big leagues with the San Diego Padres would be the player more old active in the MLBIn addition, he is already the oldest in the Minors system.

Here the report:

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